A negative environment is that type of environment that drain you of your physical and mental energy, its also an environment that take more than what you can give.
Understand this “you can not be living around negative folks or living in a negative environment and expect your life to show forth positivism”. Negative energy people or environment is like a deadly parasite that eat you up from within.


1. Kill your potential.
Your potential is that seed of greatness you have on the inside of you.
Am very sure you’ll agree with me that whenever a seed is planted on a wrong soil, the possibility of the seed germinating is very slim. So if you find yourself in this type of an environment the life of your potential is at stake.
2. Feed you wrong.
Peoples living in a negative environment will always feed your conscious and subconscious mind with false information, telling you things you cannot do because they never see their self achieving such.
3. Destroy your image.
Your image is what you portray in the society, its how people see and talk about you when you are not around. Since people living in a negative environment are already infected they will always want to infect anybody that comes there way. Since their own image has already been engulf by negativity, they will always want to engulf yours and destroy what you stand for too.
4. Slow you down.
No matter the rate at which you are moving in life if you enter this type of environment your speed will be retarded. They will drag you down by mounting all forms of physical and spiritual obstacle on your path so that you can operate at their retarded level.

Anytime you tell them about your new plans they will find a way to talk you out of it, so you have to change your environment and move away from their toxic effect.


If an orange tree that has a potential to grow into a big tree in grown in a flower pot. At first the seedling will flourish and grow well but such an environment is a pseudo one, such an environment is what I call a pseudo-flourish environment. As times goes on if the orange seedling is not taking out to a better environment it will die off because of lack of nutrient and enough water to support the growth.
Understand:- such is the power of a negative environment. It will first appear to you like a paradise, it will first appear to you like an environment that can help you to unlock your hidden potential but as times goes on you’ll begin to see the negativity embedded, you’ll begin to see their toxic retarding force trying to pull you down whenever you attempt to raise your head.

Well their is one thing I’ve come to realize in this life.
At times such an environment is one of the challenges we have to pass through at a point in our life, in fact let me say such an environment is inevitable in this present time. Although its destructive but it have some lesson to teach if you are sensitive to it. 

Remember in the book of genesis chapter 12 verse 1 and 2 “now the lord had said unto Abram get thee out of thy country and from thy kindred and from thy fathers house unto a land that I will show you. And I will make of thee a great nation and I will bless thee and make thy name great and thy shall be a blessing”
Note: God himself was aware of the power of negative environment. He knows that Abram destiny is at stake if he continue to dwell among his kindred. He knows that Abram father’s house is a pseudo-flourish environment for him.

Watch out for the joy-stealers, gossip, criticism, faultfinding and negative judgmental attitude
            -Joyce meyer-

Now the question is ” what should I do when I find myself in a negative environment? “
Many people will suggest that you should stay and fight back, some will say that you should develop a strategy to counter their effect. Well everybody have his or her own way of finding solution to a problem but I will recommend that you RUN.
Hmm yes I know what you are probably thinking by now, you are saying to yourself that running away is an act of cowardice. Let me tell you this: In this situation running away does not mean that you are weak.
Look at it this way: instead of wasting your time, your physical and mental energy in fighting back “a fight you’re not sure you’ll win” why not use this same energy and time to do more productive things like finding a new constructive beneficial environment that will help you to become a better version of you.




When ever you are doing something for people at your own free will or giving out something and people are now complaining at your service either at your back or to your face, you should take your time, pause a bit and think of the kind of attitude you are showing that makes people to complain.
Search your heart and ask yourself this question, what am i doing wrong?, this thing that i claim to be doing at my own free will am i really doing it for free or am doing it because my ego want me to?.unknowingly to you, you might be doing it to satisfy your ego.
I have realize that we human whenever we claim to be giving out something or rendering a service, we often do it to satisfy our egocentric nature, we often do it to show to our next neighbors that “yes I am the boss I have something to give out while you don’t”.
Although most of the times when this happens our conscious mind is always blinded by the effect of the attention and limelight spot we are getting.
If care is not taken you’ll soon become the laughing stock and lose your value in the society so watch your attitude.