When ever you are doing something for people at your own free will or giving out something and people are now complaining at your service either at your back or to your face, you should take your time, pause a bit and think of the kind of attitude you are showing that makes people to complain.
Search your heart and ask yourself this question, what am i doing wrong?, this thing that i claim to be doing at my own free will am i really doing it for free or am doing it because my ego want me to?.unknowingly to you, you might be doing it to satisfy your ego.
I have realize that we human whenever we claim to be giving out something or rendering a service, we often do it to satisfy our egocentric nature, we often do it to show to our next neighbors that “yes I am the boss I have something to give out while you don’t”.
Although most of the times when this happens our conscious mind is always blinded by the effect of the attention and limelight spot we are getting.
If care is not taken you’ll soon become the laughing stock and lose your value in the society so watch your attitude.

Author: erythrox

Am a cool guy, easy going, i love listening to music and reading. I also love motivating people, helping them to unlock their hidden potential.

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